How to make a table

In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to make a table. Making a table is a terrific first job for those just starting out in woodworking, but it may also be challenging for more seasoned carpenters. Legs, aprons, and a tabletop make up a standard table. You may construct a straightforward table that meets your needs using just a few pieces of wood for these parts.

How to make a table

The table is considered flat, it may be metal, wood, or glass, supported by legs and different heights, and is an essential part of home furniture, where it has been used since the seventh century BC, for its importance in parking objects on its surface, and other goals, in addition to the presence of movable types, and others stationary, and the ability to make a table is not difficult, we will mention here How to make a table.

How to make a table

The mechanism of making a wooden table is carried out within certain measurements, through the equipment and the following method:



How to make a table
  • First, determine the type of table and its size to be prepared.
  • Draw a very close design of the table on a white sheet of paper using a pencil and geometric ruler.
  • Divide the table into basic components, which include the table top and legs.
  • Determine the amount of wood to be used relative to the dimensions reached at the time of design, and purchase an additional amount for reserve.
  • Bring a kind of ready-made polished wood from the carpenter, preferably using pine wood for its softness.
  • Placing wood planks next to each other, in the manner of teeth and grooves, is better than bringing a whole board to make the surface, for easy control of the size of the surface, and it also saves money.
  • Install the pieces of wood using glue, then install them with any tool, such as binding, and leave them for a whole day to dry.
  • Bring a piece of square-shaped wood as a frame from the bottom to the tabletop to create the bottom of the table, to support the legs when they are fastened, and to fasten them together using screws, and also glue, to make sure they are well stable.
  • Equip one leg initially within the desired size using a saw, then make the rest in the same size.
  • Sanding the legs of the table using a sanding tool to make them soft and ready to be fixed on the tabletop, and so that they are all the same length, without having a longer part than the other.
  • Turn the table top on her back, then stick the legs to the table on each corner using glue.
  • Fasten the legs using screws, in such a way as to connect the legs to the tabletop from the bottom and side, avoiding placing them from above.
  • Check the angle of each man using the geometric protractor, to be at an angle of 90 degrees, and adjust the screws if necessary.
  • Turn the table, making sure it is balanced, by placing it on a flat surface, to see if there is any error that needs to be adjusted before the glue dries.
  • Sanding the tabletop according to the desired grade.
  • Paint the table as desired, or the table top can be polished by applying a little tea tree oil to it.
  • Leave the table to dry for a whole day before starting use.

Types of tables by use

The type of table you want to make or buy varies according to the purpose to be used, so there are many types of tables depending on the use, and we mention the following:
  • Hiking Table: Easy to move, folding, and beautifully viewed, this table gives a beautiful view of the garden of the house and also lends the ability to eat outdoors.
  • Coffee table: It is a table dedicated to the placement of all the equipment and components related to coffee, and it features a solid structure and a glass surface with an attractive view and gives the house a very wonderful corner.
  • Wardrobe table: It is a table that contains a place dedicated to the placement of books and fields inside it, in the space between the tabletop and legs, and adds a distinctive ancient archaeological view to the look of the house.
  • Swimming table: It is one of the external pieces of furniture that is required when swimming, and it has a base in the middle of its surface, to install the placement of the solar umbrella on it, and also enables the placement of juices and swimming products on its surface.
  • Rotary wheeled table: This table is similar to a rotating cart, for its ability to move and move easily and smoothly, where it is used to put barbecue components on its surface, and then move them outwards, and it is also characterized by containing a metal rod, which contributes to placing pots on it well without slipping.
  • Side table: It is a small table, with long legs, placed on the side of the wall, works to change the appearance of the room, and is used to place fast-use tools such as perfumes.
  • Ironing board: It is a table-like table, with a metal surface covered with a piece of thick cloth, used to iron clothes, foldable, has rubber legs, and contributes to maintaining the balance of the table when ironing, and does not expose it to slipping.
  • Iron table: Metal furniture is an unfamiliar product, but there are those who prefer to buy metal furniture, and the metal table is considered one of the most difficult furniture to make at home, and consists of steel plates, and a few pieces of wood that may be required in installation, and is considered heavyweight, difficult to carry, and stainless, so you should pay attention to it well, and clean it to keep it as long as possible.

An innovative way to make a simple wooden table

There are simple steps to make a wooden table at home, professionally, without having to buy it, and spend high amounts of money on it. Do the following steps explain how to make a simple wooden table?

1. Wooden table design

It is preferable to draw an approximate design of the table on paper, using a pencil and ruler, with the coordination of sizes. Then, it is estimated how much wood the "project" needs as the table has a surface connected to the menus, but if it is planned to add features to the design, it can be determined, by increasing the amount of wood.
In this context, the advice is to choose the wood that is both costly and strong, such as pine wood, for a long-lasting table. In addition, there is maple wood and cherries, under the right options for making a distinctive table.
Keep in mind that plywood may be used to save money. It is preferable to cut wood, subjectively, if a person has a workbench, some clamps, a circular saw (or a hand saw), with the importance of wearing two pairs of safety glasses and a breathing mask, when turning on the saw.

2. Table making

Table panels are placed side by side on a flat surface, arranged as the drawing is required. When making a large table, the panels are placed on the floor and wrapped in a large cloth so as not to scratch the wood.
Another way to make a tabletop is through the use of a single wooden plank, but the method may cost more because of the weight of the wood. After that, pocket holes from the outer panels are drilled into the inner panel, and holes are drilled before the screws are added, securing the panels by tying them together.

3. Cut table menus

Lists are cut according to the desired size, knowing that fixing them is the most difficult part of making the table, manually, and it is necessary that the lists are equal next to each other, so each list must be measured, determine its length, cut by a saw, and make sure that the lists are equal, before tying them to the table.
The next step is to glue the rolls to the joints, using wood glue, while waiting for the latter to dry. Experimental holes can then be drilled into the groves and rolls to place the nails.

4. Make sure the table is stable

To make sure the table is stable it can be carefully turned over, placing it on a flat floor and making it sway, as the oscillation is a clear sign that the menus are not as stable and perfect as they should be, and may be uneven enough, at which time you need to turn the table and reduce its size. Read more: Ways to clean wood floors

5. Sanding the table

It is preferable to sandpaper the table using coarse sandpaper, which is passed on the surface, menus, and the lower sides of the table, and then color the table with the appropriate paint, knowing that sanding and coloring are not mandatory, unless the person wants to finish the wood and make it in his best condition.
Before you start sanding and coloring the table with a suitable coating, it is possible to wash the table to remove debris from the wood, so moisten a cloth made of microfiber in lukewarm water, where the table is completely wiped to remove dust, and then wait for it to dry.

Tips to keep the table safe

There are many things to pay attention to keep the table as long as possible, including the following:
  • Clean the dust accumulated on the tabletop with a soft cloth moistened with a little water, avoiding harsh scrubs, which may cause scratches to the tabletop.
  • Avoid placing the table in areas exposed to the sun inside the house, because constant sunlight may cause damage and fading of color.
  • Avoid placing too hot food directly on the tabletop, and replace this with pedestals intended for placing hot objects on it.
  • Immediately clean the table as soon as anything spills on it, and avoid leaving it for a period of time on it, which may cause it to leak into the parts of the table, especially if it is wooden.
  • A toothbrush or small-sized ashtray can be used to remove hard stains or to clean table zigzags and corners that are difficult to clean as usual.
  • Avoid using heavy-impact chemical polishes, and replace them with natural polishes, which do not damage the table, such as natural oils.
  • The table can be covered with bright-looking pieces of fabric, which add beauty to it, protecting it from external factors.
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