Fantasy Brown: What Kind of Stone Is It?

It's hard to find a choice more distinctive than Fantasy Brown in the entire fanciful world of natural stone worktops. Fantasy Brown is distinguished by dramatic striations in shades of whispery white and gray, warm beige and gold, and of course, deep, earthy brown. It is a really extraordinary illustration of the majesty of mother nature.

A dynamically organic effect, resembling a river flowing down your waterfall island or fissured tree bark spreading across your fireplace surround, is produced by the interaction of light and dark strata.

Fantasy Brown

The ongoing argument about what kind of stone Fantasy Brown is truly categorized as is the sole possible drawback. Despite the fact that some varieties of marble and quartzite might be mistaken for one another when viewed with the naked eye, marble and granite are often considerably simpler to tell apart due to their comparable hues and patterns. 

So why the controversy? How is it that some people classify Fantasy Brown as marble while others maintain that it belongs in the granite or quartzite category? We're here to definitively end the discussion. Fantasy Brown is really marble, although sharing traits with all three varieties of natural stone.

Fantasy Brown: What Kind of Stone Is It?

Fantasy Brown has a dreamlike appearance and feel. People are talking about it for more reasons than just its name and appearance. The main concern when utilizing Fantasy Brown for countertops is what kind of stone it is.

The response is somewhat ambiguous and varies depending on who you ask. It's time to settle the questions at Handcrafts. Here is the information you need to know about Fantasy Brown, also known as Mascavo or Canyon Dawn, and its unusual construction.

Why are granite or quartzite misinterpreted as fantasy brown?

Due to its various hues, patterns, and qualities like hardness, marble, granite, and quartzite are frequently simple to tell from one another. However, occasionally certain traits could overlap. For instance, certain marble and quartzite kinds may have coordinating hues and patterns.

Additionally, although though granite and quartzite often have little in common in terms of appearance, they are both resilient. Quartzite is around a 7 on the Moh's scale, while granite is rated as a 6-6.5. Marble, on the other hand, often ranges between 3 and 5, making it softer and slightly more prone to etching, scratching, and other damage.

However, Fantasy Brown marble is more durable than regular marble. It is more enduring and scratch-resistant, and because it resembles some quartzite slabs in appearance, it is sometimes mistaken for other kinds of stone.

Fantasy Brown, Under a Different Name

It's most likely a duck if it behaves like a duck both visually and verbally. But what happens when it has the appearance of marble, the toughness of granite, and the natural composition of quartzite? Fantasy Brown, which is actually none of the above, is what you get.

Fantasy Brown is unquestionably unique in its field. It shares many similarities with granite, marble, and quartzite but is not actually any of these minerals. Similar to marble, Fantasy Brown has a relatively high calcium carbonate content and is neighbored by a "hard" marble, also known as a "Dolomite Marble".

It is too soft to be considered quartzite, and it frequently lacks sufficient quartz to qualify as true quartzite. Additionally, Fantasy Brown cannot be compared to granite because granite is created from lava whereas Fantasy Brown is created from metamorphic rocks.

Fantasy Brown is also known as Fantasy Brown Granite and Fantasy Brown Marble, according to quick Google searches. Both are generally accepted even if they are technically incorrect. But if you visit Distinctive Kitchens and ask for Fantasy Brown, we'll be fully aware of what you mean.

Let's examine some of the qualities that set Fantasy Brown apart as an excellent option for contemporary kitchens:

Where Did Fantasy Brown Get His Name?

Rajasthan, in India's northern region, is where Fantasy Brown is quarried. It cannot officially be referred to as granite because it is a sedimentary stone.

Fantasy Brown is fast gaining popularity in kitchens across America. Its longevity and neutral hues produce a clean, contemporary design that will be fashionable for years to come.

Which hues make up fantasy brown?

Fantasy Brown, like other natural stone surfaces, isn't as "brown" as its name indicates. In its place, a rainbow of colors, including creams, whites, browns, and grays, may be seen. Like other authentic stone slabs, each pattern and color combination is unique as well. Each slab won't have every hue, but some colors may stand out or be more common than others.

Fantasy Brown also has three different finish variations. The most common is polished and gives the rock a wonderful sheen.  You may also choose honed or leathered (honed is a rare choice).

A Guide on Maintaining Fantasy Brown Countertops

The good news is that Fantasy Brown is more scratch resistant since it is tougher than marble. You must be cautious with how you handle and clean it since it might still be vulnerable to stains and etching.

Although our skilled installation crew will seal your countertops, it is advised that you seal your Fantasy Brown countertops annually to prevent stains. If you're unsure if it's necessary to reseal your countertops, try dropping some water on one of them to see if it absorbs. If so, it's time to reseal the container because more liquids will also be absorbed.

The appearance of your counters may also be preserved by swiftly cleaning up spills and debris.

Are Kitchens a Good Fit for Fantasy Brown?

Fantasy Brown is a good option for kitchen countertops because of its durability and visual appeal. It is a secure decision that will stand the test of time because of the kitchen's beautiful neutral aesthetic. It blends beautifully with a variety of styles of décor, including modern, cottage-chic, farmhouse, and more.

Even while it is in great demand, it is also widely accessible, giving homeowners a cost-efficient, reasonable alternative.

What is the price of Fantasy Brown?

Depending on the granite you're comparing Fantasy Brown to, it may be more expensive or less expensive than granite. Fantasy Brown is about mid-range in pricing compared to granite.

Costs for The Brown Fantasy range from $50 to $70 per square foot. depends on the specific slab you select.

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