Why Granite Countertops?

Why Granite Countertops?

Why Granite Countertops?

Why Granite Countertops? You have a wide range of options when selecting the ideal countertop material for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar area. Moreover, a broad range of pricing points! It will be well worth the effort to educate yourself about the available solutions and their costs, including both the initial outlay and overall cost. In this post, we'll discuss your alternatives in detail and demonstrate how granite may provide excellent value without being expensive.

Laminate Countertops

Laminating will come first. The most common and affordable type of countertop is laminate. Laminate countertops typically consist of a plastic laminate material attached to a surface made of pressed wood and come in an almost infinite variety of colors and patterns. With digital images of granite and edges that resemble those on actual stone counters, modern laminate may even imitate the appearance of natural stone. 

However, laminate has certain restrictions because it is the most affordable countertop alternative. Laminate is readily broken and difficult to fix. Laminate may be gouged or scratched by knives and other pointed items, and its surface can be scorched or bubbled by heat from hot cookware and dishes. 

Because laminate is similar to a veneer, damage cannot be polished off. Additionally, laminate countertops may not endure forever. Within 10 to 15 years, laminate should need to be replaced.

Solid Surface Countertops

Artificial solid surface countertops are the next. Corian is the solid surface countertop product that is well known. Solid surface countertops are mostly made of polymers, with minor additions of glass, plastic, and other materials to create variances in color and design.

Solid surface countertops don't resemble actual stone, but they do offer a smooth appearance. Long or unusually shaped countertop sections can be covered with a single solid piece since solid surface counters can be custom made to almost any size and standard. 

Solid surface countertops may be fixed if they get damaged and are scorch- and scratch-resistant. You could be surprised by the price of solid surface countertops because many people think that they are an aesthetic "step below" granite. Solid surface countertops cost more than many types of granite; prices start at around $40 per linear foot.

Quartz Countertops

Engineered stone, or quartz countertops, fall between between real stone and man-made materials. Popular quartz countertop options include DuPont's Zodiaq countertops, which come in gorgeous color and pattern variants. 

Quartz countertops are made of powdered quartz that is mixed with coloring, artificial materials, and other components to provide a distinctive, natural aesthetic that is not present in solid surface counters. However, quartz countertops are expensive. It is also more expensive than certain granite, starting at around $45 per linear foot.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled glass countertops are a new countertop alternative that is gaining popularity. Recycled glass countertops are a great option for homes looking to "go green" since they look great and feel great. Glass that has been recycled is precisely what the term suggests.

Broken and ground used glass of many shades and varieties is mixed with coloring and adhesives to create one-of-a-kind hues and designs. However, due to the scarcity of recycled glass countertop producers and the great demand for the product, prices are on the high side.

Granite Countertops

Finally, we have granite countertops, which is our particular favorite. Granite has unparalleled elegance. You will notice granite countertops as soon as you enter a kitchen. Granite is a natural stone, thus no artificial substance or method can match its color variations and irregular patterns. 

Granite shopping is enjoyable as well. You may visit quarries and stores with enormous slabs of granite to view in order to select the best material for your home. When you look at the granite slab as a whole, you may observe broad patterns and variances that are hidden by little swatches. Granite is quite hard and doesn't burn, scratch, or stain easily. 

In rare circumstances, granite can be mended, provided the damage is not severe or completely fractured. Likewise, granite offers good value. Granite countertops will increase your home's market value because they are viewed as a luxury item by the majority of people. And most people are unaware that this 'premium item' may be less expensive than alternative materials that have a cheaper appearance.

Save On Granite

10 of the most popular granite designs are available at Save On Granite for about $35 per square foot installed. Granite countertops are the most expensive of the aforementioned counters, only being surpassed by laminate! That's a good value, huh?

Consider granite worktops for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar makeover after doing your research, visiting various showrooms or quarries, and speaking with others about their experiences. You'll be happy you did.

Which Granite Countertops Match Your Personality?

What do individuals and granite countertops have in common? There are variations among them. Each granite slab is entirely unique due to the natural stone creation, just like every individual is. Consider the qualities of the following granite hues if you want to pick a granite countertop color that complements your unique personality.

Black countertops create an air of elegance and sophistication and are frequently used in residences with a modern or contemporary design. If you want to convey formality or perhaps a sense of mystery, black is a wonderful choice.

White counters provide an air of simplicity and cleanliness. They are a popular option for homeowners looking to enlarge a small area since they are also excellent for accentuating open space. If you want to add a bit extra light to a space, white is an excellent option.

Warmth and romance are conveyed by the deep crimson hues of the countertops. Red countertops stand for bravery and excitement while drawing attention to themselves. If you want to make a bold statement with your design, all red surfaces are a fantastic option.

Green countertops are frequently indicative of nature-loving individuals. A kitchen's combination of green worktops and wood cabinets evokes the outdoors while providing a flexible color scheme for additional design components like paint and flooring.

Blue-toned countertops give off a cool, modern appearance and complement both white and wooden cabinets. Granite that is blue and has opal or silver particles complements stainless steel accents and appliances effectively.

Gold countertops share the beauty of black while adding a touch of nature. Gold-toned granite countertops may be given a glam makeover with black accents or a stunningly rustic makeover with maple wood tones.

The warm, welcoming tones of brown and beige granite go well with a variety of color palettes. Neutral colors are ideal for homeowners who enjoy switching up their style frequently since they give versatility in terms of complementing the surrounding décor.

Don't worry if you have qualities that overlap or match more than one hue. Solid color granite surfaces are uncommon. The underlying tint is generally enhanced instead by complex patterns, specks of different hues, and diverse motifs. Choosing your chosen granite color from among the countless colors and tones available might be intimidating. But if you put in the effort to conduct your research, you'll find the ideal match in no time!

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