Learn About Fantasy Brown: Everything You Need To Know

Do not be concerned about the Fantasy Brown controversy or the absurd claims made by some that it is fussy like marble and others that it is rough like quartzite. Fantasy Brown belongs to a distinct, somewhat ambiguous category, but it is a hard stone that is well worth the cost per square foot.

Fantasy Brown

Fantasy Brown

You may have came across Fantasy Brown if you've been looking for a new stone countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom. You've probably also run into the contentious issue of what sort of stone it is and how to handle it.

Fantasy Brown is a what kind of stone?

Fantasy Brown is unquestionably unique in its field. Although it resembles granite, marble, and quartzite in many ways, it is not genuinely any of these materials. A "hard" marble, often known as a "Dolomite Marble," is the stone that stands closest to it. Fantasy Brown has a pretty high calcium carbonate content, similar to marble.

Fantasy Brown, one of the most widely used natural stone worktops in the US, but also one of the most misrepresented. It can be difficult to grasp because it is grouped into so many different categories, especially for people who want to do their homework before investing thousands of dollars on a slab of stone.

Whatever the case, Fantasy Brown is highly sought after worldwide. It has the sophisticated appearance of a brown marble and frequently the toughness of granite. It is without a doubt more resilient to etching, scratching, and staining than standard marble.

It's too soft to be classified as quartzite, and most of the time it doesn't have enough quartz to be a real quartzite.

Additionally, Fantasy Brown cannot be compared to granite since granite is created from lava whereas Fantasy Brown is created from metamorphic rocks.

Quick searches on Google will reveal that Fantasy Brown is also known as Fantasy Brown Granite and Fantasy Brown Marble. Despite being technically inaccurate, both are commonly accepted. When you visit Distinctive Kitchens, though, be sure to request Fantasy Brown.

What Is the Origin of Fantasy Brown?

In Rajasthan, India's northern region, quarries produce Fantasy Brown. Since it is a sedimentary stone, it cannot officially be referred to as granite.

In American kitchens, Fantasy Brown is increasingly gaining popularity. Its resilience and timeless hues produce a clean, contemporary design that will remain fashionable for many years.

Fantasy brown cost

The price of Fantasy Brown can range from $60 to $75 per square foot installed, making it more expensive than stones like Uba Tuba Granite, Luna Pearl Granite. The price and quality of Fantasy Brown countertops are unbeatable when compared to certain rare granites, including White Ice Granite, Blue Pearl Granite, or Bianco Antico Granite, which sell for $100+ per square foot.

Fantasy Brown Colors

Fantasy Brown isn't as "brown" as its name suggests, like other natural stone surfaces. Instead, it's a kaleidoscope of hues that includes creams, whites, browns, and grays. Additionally, each pattern and color combination is distinct, much like other genuine stone slabs. There won't be every color on every slab, but certain colors could be more noticeable or plentiful than others.

Fantasy Brown also has three different finish variations. The most popular provides the rock a lovely luster and is polished.

Fantasy Brown: Is It Sturdy?

The toughest and most resilient stone is often quartzite, followed by granite and the exquisite but sometimes fussy marble. A sedimentary stone mostly composed of quartz is called quartzite. All the quartz particles fuse together under compression deep below the ground, forming the very tough quartzite.

Marble is a sedimentary rock that is created from limestone, which becomes calcite when it is heated and compacted under pressure. Granite is an igneous stone that is created from molten rock, most often quartz. The wide range of granite that is accessible across the world is caused by various minerals that were present at the time granite was produced.

Technically speaking, Fantasy Brown, which is mined in Rajasthan in Northern India, is a sedimentary stone. Therefore, calling it granite is inaccurate. It is technically a mix of quartzite and marble. 

Fantasy Brown is composed of layers of marble and quartzite that have been fused together throughout time, according to the Natural Stone Institute. Fantasy Brown has a similar appearance and texture to marble but with a brown and sandy color hues.

The Natural Stone Institute advises treating Fantasy Brown like marble to be safe. It's not always essential, though. To determine if the slab you are going to purchase is soft like marble or hard like quartzite, it is important to do an acid test on the stone.

Find a little, unnoticeable patch of stone, then apply some lemon juice on it. It won't etch or leave a trace on quartzite, but it will on marble. Fantasy Brown, however, often outlasts its marble competitors in terms of durability. That is possibly the reason why people are so perplexed by the stone.

What level is fantasy brown granite

A level 3 or level 4 granite is Fantasy Brown. The backdrop is either white or brown, and the texture is foggy and brown/gray. This is a great material to use when creating kitchen countertops. It is also among the most often used granite in 2021 and 2022.

Fantasy Brown Care

The Fantasy Brown you're considering purchasing is still valuable even if it resembles marble more than quartzite. First of all, even if it can be scratched with acid, it probably won't be as soft as marble. For example, the majority of granites will etch. Only really hard quartzite won't.

Even though Fantasy Brown is as soft as regular marble, you should still take more care with marble than you would with granite or quartzite. A hot pot touching marble won't cause it to shatter, and it keeps its cold temperature for longer, making it ideal for rolling out doughs that are sensitive to heat.

No matter what kind of stone you purchase, be sure you or your fabricator properly seal it! Ask your fabricator to seal the stone like marble if the acid test indicates that it is more similar to marble. Harder stones like quartzite are sealed using different procedures than soft stones like marble.

Additionally, as a general rule, avoid leaving acids on the surface of any natural stone for an extended period of time. You won't experience any issues if you spill vinegar, lemon juice, or any other acidic substance if you clean it up quickly away. Granite can etch as well, despite being tougher than marble. Basically, you should maintain Fantasy Brown the same way you would any marble or granite.

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Fantasy brown granite with white cabinets

You have many possibilities for cabinet and backsplash matching thanks to the surface's neutral brown, white, and gray tones. Cabinets in these colors or with dark stains are the most common options, along with white backsplashes. The stunningness of your Fantasy Brown countertops won't be diminished by a straightforward white subway tile backsplash.

Is fantasy brown a good choice for kitchen

Is fantasy brown a good choice for kitchen

Nowadays, the appeal of Fantasy Brown primarily lies in its aesthetic. Other than Fantasy Brown, very few stones can match the sweeping motion of marble in warm, neutral colors like cream, sand, and brown. 

Fantasy Brown is a very adaptable hue that goes with a variety of décor, from modern to rustic. The delicate designs go nicely with both the natural appearance of light oak or dark mahogany-stained wood as well as a stark white contemporary cabinet scheme.

Customers don't need to be concerned with Fantasy Brown's stone designation. Leave the geologists to worry about that. Its popularity is well-founded. It is inexpensive, beautiful, and long-lasting. For the majority, a kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity, it is the ideal solution.

The availability of Fantasy Brown is influenced by its low cost. In Northern India, where it is plentiful and simple to extract, it is quarried. There are virtually countless varieties of natural stone on the market right now, but Fantasy Brown is constantly in high demand because of all of its appealing qualities that won't deteriorate with time.

It's a simple decision. If that fits your style, go for it! You won't be let down. Come see for yourself in our open showroom!

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