Carpentry Companies: Cons And Advice

There are many carpentry companies throughout the United States. Many of them are licensed and insured well-trained carpenters. Some have been around from 50-100 years old. The ones that have been around the longest usually get passed down through a family member basically a family carpentry business.

Some companies have built homes and mansions for families. Other companies have built commercial buildings and skyscrapers. As a result, we have a great country that continuously grows and thrives in the construction business.

Carpentry Companies: Cons And Advice

Carpentry Companies

From historical district in Plainfield New Jersey to the casinos Los Angeles California carpenters have built this country and are responsible for the way it is structured. For the proud heritage that this great trade has, I am proud to be a carpenter and I am proud of the trade I have chosen.

If or when a structure or building gets destroyed it will be erected again. Perhaps in another fashion or another building may take its place. But the construction process will go on. Currently construction plans on bridges, tunnels, homes, commercial buildings, and stores are underway. And carpenters will be doing 75 percent of the work that needs to be done.

Some carpenter companies have struggled to get where they are today while others still struggle. But through it all carpentry companies have one thing in common they have carpenters that will work hard for them to make a living and put some food on the table.

Some carpenters have spent countless hours swing there hammers and in the process trying to make living. The owners of the companies as well have spent many hours preparing material lists, estimating, making phone calls, and going to meetings.

In conclusion carpentry contractors and carpenters are more than just people they are a part of walking history. And continue to build the countries structure.

Cons In Carpentry

There are cons to carpentry that could affect your outlook on the carpentry business in a hole. In this part of the site I will be going over the cons so that you will get a better understanding of what you will be getting into if you are thinking about starting a carpentry career.

First of all, carpenters do not work all year. Imagine being a carpenter and finishing up your carpentry project. After you are done, you should have another job lined up. But in this weak economy, it could be very difficult to accomplish this tough task. 

It is very possible that a carpenter may only work 9 months out of the year. That means carpenters really have to be responsible with their money to make it in general.

Second, carpenters sometimes have to work outside, meaning they are subjected to extreme weather conditions.

Third, as a carpenter, you must be really good at working with tools as well as being a good businessman. There have been jobs where I had to be the foreman, worker business manager, and host for the customer. There could be many hats that you have to wear if you plan on opening up your own carpentry business.

I know that I have explained some of these points throughout the website, but I want to get through to you the reader that the carpentry business can be tough and is not so rosy as they show on TV.

There is no doubt that the economy is doing poorly. Carpenters all over the U.S.A are unemployed and I am thinking that it may only get worse. The only thing that we can do as people in a hole is have faith that the economy will rebound in time and that everything will be alright.

Carpentry Advice

Carpentry works in many different ways for me besides just my average 40 hour a week job. Many people have a 40-hour a week job and expect that to carry them through their whole entire life that one job. For me I love carpentry so much that I have to make more money off it besides my 40 hour a week job.

Most carpenters have there own carpentry business. It doesn’t make any sense having a carpentry skill and only using it at your job when you can make money on weekends possibly more money than you made in one week.

Carpentry also works for some people just as a hobby. Some people love to build birdhouses and doghouses. There is a person in Plainfield N.J that builds dog houses sets them in his yard before he knew it he started getting customers asking him are they for sale. So he loves to build and makes a little money while doing.

I love doing carpentry because it takes me to another world. I stay focused and enjoy what I'm doing so much I don’t think about anything else but my product that I am working on. Yes carpentry takes me to another planet at times. This is what happens when you love to something so much.

If you plan on doing any carpentry work or working on your carpentry skills here are some words of advice, put your heart into it you may love it. There are times in carpentry that you may not have a choice but to stay focused on your work because of the dangerous carpentry tools that you will be using.

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