How to make egg box flowers: step-by-step

How to make egg box flowers

How to make egg box flowers

How to make egg box flowers? Why not try these joyful colorful flowers fashioned from an old egg box if you're searching for easy handmade Easter decorations or just a fun crafting activity to do with the kids? For this quick and easy enjoyable craft for kids, follow our step-by-step directions.

1st step to make egg box flowers

1st step to make egg box flowers

To begin, cut out each individual egg portion from the cardboard egg box. Then, to construct flower petal shapes, cut around each one.

If you're preparing these with kids, they'll need some adult assistance with this step!

2nd Step 

2nd step to make egg box flowers

After you've cut out your egg box flowers, use vivid colors to paint them.

You can use any colors you choose, but for spring, pink, yellow, and orange are ideal.

3rd step 

3rd step to make egg box flowers

Then, in the center of each flower, add some colorful buttons. The colors you choose are entirely up to you, but the brighter the better!

Keep a watch on little children around the buttons if you're constructing them with them. They resemble sweets and might pose a choking hazard to little children.

4th step 

1th step to make egg box flowers

Finally, make stems and leaves out of green paper or card (only for older children and adults!). Then glue your flowers to a piece of cardstock.

For the stems, you may also use green pipe cleaners strung in a bunch with ribbon, which looks extremely nice.

You could also just use green paint to color the stems if you've run out of craft supplies.

And that's the end of it! So simple and quick. This craft can be used as an Easter gift or Easter card, as well as for Mother's Day or birthday cards.

This Easter, or any time of year, try our incredibly simple egg box flowers activity with the kids! It'll keep the youngsters busy while also adding some spring colors to your wall/fridge/kitchen.

Make some colorful egg box flowers by following the simple steps in our step-by-step guide above.

Furthermore, this design does not have to be limited to Easter. It's ideal for a Mother's Day present or card, as well as a birthday celebration. Alternatively, whenever the kids are feeling creative, they can use it as a fun crafts project.

So, before you start making, double-check that you have everything you'll need.

How to make egg box flowers: materials and the ingredients

The best part about this craft idea is that it requires very little equipment! Plus, you won't have to buy a ton of new art supplies because you can reuse your old egg boxes instead of throwing them away.

You'll need the following items to make egg box flowers:

  • an antique egg carton made of cardboard
  • scissors.
  • glue.
  • paint (in any color you like, but spring colors like yellow, orange, and pink work beautifully).
  • a set of buttons (to make the centre of the flowers).
  • For the flower stems, use green card or paper.
  • ribbon and green pipe cleaners (you might also want to use these for the stems instead).

Learn how to make a gift for Easter

Easter is almost approaching, and with the kids having two weeks off, it's the ideal time to break out the crafts supplies and nurture your child's creative side.

Homemade cards add a special touch and can be a treasured keepsake for mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers.

Even if smaller children are unable to create a masterpiece, they will have a great time mucking around with paint and card, and it is a great way to keep them engaged during the Easter holidays.

What kinds of card crafts are appropriate for children?

From super-easy potato prints for toddlers to more sophisticated origami-style cards that adults can enjoy, our smart crafting ideas have something for everyone.

There are ten different card ideas for your kids to make, all of which are inexpensive and simple to accomplish, with many of the items needed likely already in your pantry!

To make most of these entertaining card ideas, you'll simply need paint, card, felt tip pens, glue, and scissors, as well as easy-to-follow directions.

Chicks, eggs, bunny prints, and gorgeous floral motifs are just a few of the typical Easter themes suggested. They'll be a wonderful Easter present for friends and family!

How much does doing Easter crafts with the kids cost?

Most of our Easter ideas can be done for free with items you probably already have around the house, which is ideal if you're on a budget. Others may necessitate a short trip to the local craft store or an order placed online.

Why you display some of your children's fantastic Easter creations in the window as fun decorations this year?

Tips for crafts with children

Before you begin, make sure you have lots of newspaper or plastic sheeting on the floor. A simple tarpaulin or table cloth can work well. When kids are engaged, it's astonishing how far paint may go, so make sure to cover a large area of the floor. Keep a supply of kitchen roll or baby wipes on available in case of an emergency clean-up.

Dress the children in old clothes or give them an apron to protect their normal attire. If you don't have an apron, an old adult T-shirt can be used to protect your clothes.

Always keep an eye on toddlers and younger children when they're making crafts. Small objects, such as googly eyes and pipe cleaners, can easily end up in a child's mouth, so keep a watch on them to avoid choking.

Make sure to compliment your children on their Easter cards. Even if it isn't a work of art, you can always commend them on their efforts!

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