Summer Crafts for Kids 2: Children's favorite

Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer Crafts for Kids 2: Children's favorite

Summer crafts for kids are skills that children acquire to make everything they want or love, including toys or cute gifts that can be presented to friends on occasions. We all know that our children love to play, and this is because it develops their mental skills and increases their activity, so we will provide you in this article all What children love about crafts.

Dough Hand Photo Frame

Glue and cornstarch go together like a dream! Simply combine the ingredients to make an incredible dough for creating creative items - it's also air dry.

Dough Hand Photo Frame

Materials for Dough Hand Photo Frame

• 65010 Pink.

•Tulip 3D Fashion Paint.

• A glue stick and a plastic baggie

• Cups for measuring.

• A wire cutter is required.

• Gems made of acrylic

• A bowl made of plastic.

• Colored pencil.

• Cornstarch.

• Spoon made of wood.

• Cardboard that is light in weight.

• Photograph.

• a roll of tape.

• Wire that is colored.

• Ribbon, preferred color, 12" broad, 12" length per hand.

• Pin for rolling dough.

• Disposable paper towel.

• Scissors are a must-have item.

• A ruler.

• A work surface made of cardboard.

• Toothpaste.

• A can that has been emptied.

• Baking cooling rack made of wire.

• A pencil and a plastic knife are required.

• Paper for the freezer.


1. To make a work surface, cover cardboard with freezer paper, shiny side up. Tape the extra paper to the back.

2. In a mixing bowl, combine 2 parts cornstarch and 1 part glue. At a time, only make a small amount of dough.

3. Using a spoon, mix together the ingredients. Using a tiny amount of cornstarch, dust the work surface. Mixture should be poured onto the work surface. To make dough, knead it for around 10 minutes. If the dough is sticky, add additional cornstarch as needed; if the mixture is too stiff, add more glue. Keep in a plastic baggie until you're ready to use it.

4. Using a pencil, trace the child's hand onto lightweight cardboard. To make a template, cut out the pieces.

5. Cornstarch the work surface and rolling pin. Roll out a baseball-sized portion of dough to a thickness of about 14 inches. Place the dough on top of the template. Using a knife, cut around the template. Using a can, cut a hole in the center of the hand for the photo.

6. Smooth the sliced edges with your finger after dipping it in water. Make a hole at the tips of your fingers, big enough for wire to slide through. Set aside to dry on freezer paper. The length of time it takes for dough to dry is determined by the temperature, humidity, and thickness of the dough. Carefully peel from the paper after the first day. Turn the table over. Place on a cooling rack for cookies. Allow to air dry thoroughly.

7. Using a wire cutter, cut a 14" length of wire. Wire is threaded through perforations. To secure the ends, twist them together.

8. Cut a length of ribbon 1" wider than the frame's wrist. Apply a small amount of glue on the reverse of the ribbon. With your finger, smooth the glue. Fold the ends of the ribbon to the back of the frame and center it over the wrist. Make a smooth transition. Using the remaining ribbon, tie a bow. Set the glue in place.

9. Using a toothpick, dab a dot of glue where diamonds are needed. Apply a crayon to the gem's surface. It will only hold the gem in place long enough to press it into the adhesive. To apply the remaining jewels, repeat the procedure.

10. Begin painting on the paper towel with an even pressure on the bottle for a smooth line. Fill in the blanks with your name. Allow to dry.

11. Trim the photo to suit the frame opening slightly larger. Apply a bead of glue along the back border of the opening. Place the photo where you want it. Allow to dry.

Buddy Up With Your Finger Friends

Kathleen George's designs will help you make a new friend. The finger friend is a fun and thrilling experience that you and your children may enjoy together. It's also simple.

Buddy Up With Your Finger Friends

Materials for Buddy Up With Your Finger Friends

• Products under the STYROFOAM brand include:

- 2 1" or 1 1/2 inch balls

-a single block (optional).

• 1-3" chenille stem

• Wiggle eyes (one pair)

• A craft paintbrush with a strong bristle.

• Scraps of felt

• Craft supplies including eyelash curls, pom poms, and thread

• Tools and Supplies in General:

•Scissors are a must-have item.

• Glue sticks, glue gun, and craft glue

• toothpicks or wooden skewers


1. If desired, paint STYROFOAM balls. To hold the balls while painting, insert a skewer into each one; place skewers in a block of foam to keep them in place while the balls dry.

2. Form 3 "Make a "U" out of a chenille stem. Dip the ends in glue and put the U shape into two balls, one beneath the wearer's middle finger and the other on top of the hand to form the puppet's eyes. (1 ) "Smaller hands should use balls.)

3. Cut out felt shapes for eyeballs; glue wiggle eyes on felt or glue wiggle eyes to plastic foam balls directly. Other details, such as pompoms and eyelash curls, or felt ears and eyelids, can be glued on.

4. Apply glue to the foam and use a skewer to insert things into the foam, such as yarn for hair. Stick chenille stems into the foam for antennae or eyelashes. Gently curve chenille stems and glue pompoms on the tips of the formed chenille stems; dip in glue and insert into foam for antennae.

5. Make a finger puppet that looks like your school mascot, favorite pet, or other character by modifying the finger puppet instructions. Other items that could spark your imagination are buttons, sequins, and glitter.

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